An Intellectual Hangover

I suppose it always had to come to this.  

IMG_20151105_115325 (1)

Four years (and change) of doctoral research was always going to leave something of a creative hangover when it finally came to an end.  

Consider this a playful attempt, of sorts, at a hangover cure.  The hair of the dog that bit me, if you will.

As both a long-standing, Liverpool-based bartender and a newly-appointed doctor in philosophy, the material on offer here will be as eclectic and erratic as a bar-room conversation at last orders.  Be it Borges or Batman, Converse or craft beer; the aim here is, quite simply, to hold myself accountable and stay productive.

Those who allow me this one, small, self-indulgence (and ignore several others) will find within these pages a mash-up of mostly-lucid musings and miscellanies.  Best considered as something of a digital sketchbook, I offer nothing more here than an irreverent index of non-sequiturs and semi-intellectual ramblings, serving no greater purpose than to keep things loose, so to speak.  

Carlos Fuentes once said that writing is a struggle against silence.  With that in mind, please enjoy my heartfelt attempts to make some noise.

More on the punchdrunkphd to follow.

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