An Introduction to the punchdrunkphd

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The punchdrunkphd is Dr. William Docherty Halbert, an early-career, post-doctoral researcher from the University of Liverpool. His specialist subjects are short fiction, experimental narratives and digital storytelling in a Latin American context.  With a particular focus on the works of Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar, Ana María Shua and Belén Gache, his doctoral thesis deals with the concepts of play, space and idealised reader-player constructs in contemporary Argentine Short Fiction.  His published work can be found in both the Journal of Romance Studies and the Forum for Modern Languages Studies.

When not writing, Will can be found serving up coffee, craft beer and cocktails around the independent bars and brasseries of the fair city of Liverpool. Fuelled by dubious quantities of each, the punchdrunkphd attempts to juggle a life behind the bar and a head in the books.

This blog will provide a mutual ground on which to discuss all things academic, alcoholic and independent.  Scattershot by necessity, it will serve as a digital scrapbook; a mash-up of mostly-lucid musings and miscellanies celebrating all that which the author holds dear.  From literature to fashion, from film to food, this blog will revel in the enduring and the ephemeral, the timeless and the trending.

And the name, you ask?  The name stems back to the hang-time between the hours of 7 and 11 on a Sunday evening when – the week’s writing written and the last whisky tumbler polished – Will would return home sporting a thousand-yard stare that would would give Tom Lea something to write about.

His father, an amateur boxer in his younger years, would describe the look as punch-drunk.

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