Procaffeinations #7

Procaffeinations is a weekly series of short fictions, fables and fabrications, all written in the time it takes to finish that first coffee of the day.  Double espresso, for those Rockys that run a hundred miles before their coffees.

I catch my breath. I steady my pulse. My swollen feet hammer down against a roaring rubber band. Beyond the window is a dockyard that ignores my speed and draws no closer. I pass the first of two miles ten seconds too slow. I grit my teeth. I pick up my pace. I barely hear the fire alarm over the drumming of my frenzied heartbeat. I push forward faster still. My lungs suck fire. A lactic inferno crawls up my thighs. I lose sight of the dockyard as my vision fades into a smoking haze. I smell singed hair on melted plastic. My nerves in my forearms sizzle my fingers into fists. Perspiration begins to boil around my eyelids. I hit the two mile mark a smouldering mass of blood, sweat, tears, ash and embers.


A personal best.

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